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Character Bios
Having trouble coming up with a nice, conceit bio? Want one with more than just the physical features and basic functions of your character? Perhaps you would like a little background information and some pleasing features from the character's past? I can help you word your bio and make it more creative!
This is what defines a chapter: It is a continuation of a story that is posted in sections. It does not surpass a length of six pages. It does not encompass an entire span of an introduction, rising action, climax, and an unwinding action. In short, a chapter is not a full story, it is a part.
Short Story
The exact length of a short story cannot be known before it is written. Depending on what the story is about, it can vary in pages, word count, and paragraphs. Due to this, I am setting the price at 30 :points:, but please be aware that it can change depending on how long you want it. I will be completely fair, and honest. I don't like charging people more than 30 :points:. I feel it discourages most people from asking for a story, and I believe that every one deserves to have their story told. That being said, if you ask for a story that is fifteen pages, I will ask for more points. Here is the increase: starting after ten pages each page will be an additional two :points:. I think this is fair.

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I've opened commissions!!! Hope you enjoy, but don't abuse them... they are sensitive.
:icondraconic-artists: Has positions available in its staff, and is asking for people to sign up to get them! Here, check their journal out!… And send me a note if you are interested!
    I, Tremeá, hereby promise and agree to uphold the standards of my commissioners.
1) I shall not--in any circumstance--cheat, steal, or avoid the purchasing deviant without first giving explanation to expose the true nature of my doings.

2) I shall not take payment before the piece is completed to avoid the suspicion of thievery.

3) I shall not, without given permission, post the completed work (or uncompleted) anywhere on the internet.

4) I shall respect the rights of the commissioner and his characters, settings, and any further designs that he/she has created with his/her own mind.

5) I shall give the commissioner an expected date, and discount the work if it is not finished by the projected time.

6) I shall respectively refund the commissioner if he/she is not content with my work.

7) I shall regularly correspond with the commissioner to provide updates on my progress.

8) I shall cease work if the commissioner cancels, and I will delete any portion of the publication that I had created.

9) I shall dedicate my time and loyalty to the ordered piece, so the final product may be at its best quality.

10) I shall take no credit in the creative construction, only the physical action of writing it.

    I, Tremeá, hereby state that the following rules are to be followed if the commission is to be completed:

1) I shall not take kindly to harassment. Doing so will result in the automatic cancellation of the piece.

2) I shall not refund payment if the commissioner fails to provide good reason to me and an unbiased party. I refuse to give anyone the frail excuse that I denied a refund under the false pretense of improperly assessing a customer's reasons for requesting a return of his/her payment.

3)I shall not conduct business with any person whom I had complications with in the past.

4) I shall retain the right to deny service to anyone.

5) I shall challenge any who try to sell/publish my work under their own gain. I keep all documentation of a commission, so that I may prove my part ownership in its creation.


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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I am a fanatic writer with an affinity for the literary arts. I have been writing for years, and I take pride in the work that I do. Here, you can see some of my first published pieces, and how I have improved since then. I do not post much at this particular time, but I gladly take up commissions and wholeheartedly dedicate my time and creativity to them. If you are interested in hearing my commission offers, please check out my prices below... (Bio image drawn by :iconsoupa12: )

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:heart:Artist of the Week!!!:heart:
She is accepting commissions, is a great artist, and is definitely worth checking out! She drew my avatar!

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