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May 20, 2012
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                                   A Summer in Scales
Accidents can cripple, hurt, and cause destruction. Well a little known fact is; accidents can also reveal secrets… dark secrets. Some secrets we keep to save others… some we keep just to save our reputations.
Then we have secrets that are kept to protect ourselves from serious harm. I learned this the hard way; now here I am standing before three creatures of legend. Shaking and in fear for my life… just because I had an accident.
The day started off like any other day. My small suburban neighborhood was silent like it should be. The forest that was behind our community was alive with only chirpings of birds and other various animals.
I was laying in my front yard soaking up the heat of the day; hoping that summer would go by slowly without anything too exciting. The sun was directly overhead meaning that it was noon.
Suddenly the sounds of someone running disrupted my sweet solitude. A familiar voice was yelling "Bent… hey Bent!!!"
I turned my head to see my best friend Kyle running towards me, waving happily. Smiling I returned the gesture and called back in a happy tone "Kyle what's up!?!"
He did not answer until he was at my side; panting he replied "Nothing much… just… wanted to hang out with you on the first day of summer."
This made sense since we had plans to stay over at his place for the first couple of weeks of summer. Energetically I jumped up and stood with Kyle. He stood around five feet, six inches, with blonde hair, green eyes, and a body of a runner.
"Okay cool Kyle… um… I just have to get my stuff and we can walk to your house if you don't mind." I stated in a tone that suggested that I wanted to leave quickly.
He nodded and we walked to my door. I grabbed the door handle and twisted it open so the door would swing open. The reason I was going to stay at Kyle's for the first couple weeks of summer; was not only because he was my friend but because my parents were away on a business trip.
I walked down the stairs to the basement, which was the nicest part of the whole house seeing as it was the man-cave and the game-room. Taking a left turn I traveled down the mini hallway to my room and there I grabbed my duffle bag that held everything I would need for two weeks.
The bag contained Clothes, Xbox three-sixty games, one hundred and fifty dollars, and to guarantee that I would stay up all night, it contained three Redbulls. My left hand grabbed the handle of the bag and I lifted it up. Putting the straps onto my shoulders I turned to face Kyle who was staring at my wall; I glanced over at what he was looking at.
Kyle was staring at a poster with my favorite game series character killing a huge golden dragon with a long spear. "Oh yeah… that game is going to come out really soon." I said noticing that Kyle seemed upset.
"Why… why is it always the dragons that are evil?" He asked with his face showing disgust.
I shrugged and replied "Kyle I have no clue… but the games are fun."
Grunting he said "Can we just GO already…? I am feeling kind of upset right now."
Nodding I signaled to the open door and we left my room. Back up the steps and out my front door; we were off to Kyle's house that was about two blocks away from mine.
It was a good idea to keep a close eye on Kyle when he was emotional; he was a very unpredictable person. He did not say anything to me and kept his head down to avoid eye contact with me.
'Why did the poster upset him?' I thought to myself silently. We rounded a corner and started up the driveway to Kyle's home. This was going to be the first time I actually got to go into his home.
Even though we were really good friends; his parents never wanted anyone inside his home. I was surprised they agreed to let me stay for two weeks but I wasn't going to ask why.
Kyle opened his front door and we entered, I was instantly awestruck as I seen the place was like nerdville. Dragon merchandise was everywhere; from posters to little pewter statues.
Now I understood why Kyle was angry at my poster… and I also understood why his parents wouldn't have anyone over. "So… please don't tell anyone… Bent do you hear me, don't say a word about this." Kyle begged of me.
I nodded showing I wouldn't say a word to anyone. Then I asked "Why didn't you tell me before?"
He looked around nervously and grabbed my arm; he brought me over to the couch. I sat down and Kyle stood in front of me. "Bent… this is supposed to be a fun weekend okay?"
Grinning I replied "Of course… so what are you so nervous about?"
"Well… my parents are gone on a business trip too… and they have no idea you are here." He said looking around.
I was shocked… Kyle was a goody-two-shoe. He never went out of line and this was far out of line. I remembered the time his parents threatened to ground him for being five minutes late.
"Uhhh… Kyle… this is not going to be good when are they due back?" I quizzed him.
Shuffling nervously he said "Not for two weeks… but they think I am over at your place."
So it was the old switcheroo then… his parents thought he was at my place and my parents thought I was over at his place. No parents for two weeks… and I got two houses to stay at. This was going to be the best summer ever.
Kyle saw me smirking like a maniac and quickly said "No… Bent we are not doing anything too crazy… umm maybe we should just play videogames for the whole two weeks."
I shook my head and replied "No Kyle this is a once in a lifetime chance. Your parents never let you do anything or go anywhere… now is your chance to LIVE!!!"
Leaping off the couch I jumped onto Kyle and we fell to the ground. I got him into a headlock then he rolled and now I was on the ground. My right foot shot out and hit a shelf.
A loud *CRASH* sounded and we stopped wrestling. I got up and looked at a smashed statue of a green dragon. "AHHHHHH… OH GOD WHAT HAVE WE DONE!?!" Kyle screamed; completely horrified.
I reached out and grabbed the head of the dragon. Suddenly a powerful energy ran through my arm and I yelled out in fear "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!"
My legs locked and I fell down to the ground withering in pain. I heard Kyle say something but I couldn't understand what; I was too focused on the green scales growing on my arms.
I started to grow and my pinkies on both my hands retreated leaving me with only four fingers. Then my nails on both my hands and feet grew longer and harder. My shoes exploded revealing draconic paws; a pressure built up in my face.
My nose was smashed flat it seemed and my face was stretched into a draconic muzzle. Teeth cascaded out of my mouth and were replaced with fangs. The green scales had completely covered my body now.
Cracking and popping noises came from my neck; my new draconic head was pushed up as my neck grew longer. Then a feeling like my tailbone was being stretched like taffy; came and I swished something behind me.
I turned my long neck and saw that I had a tail; sharp ridges ran down from my neck to the tip of my tail. Two new appendages grew from my back and out of instinct I flapped them.
It then dawned on me… I HAD WINGS!!! I looked over at a mirror and saw what I had become. I had a yellow underbelly, forest green scales, and golden eyes. For ears I had sail like flaps that could pick up different sounds depending on what position I moved them.
I stuck out my tongue, which was now forked, and inspected my new fangs. My gaze turned to where Kyle was standing; now there stood a yellow anthro dragon. "Bent… the most important thing right now is not to panic." The dragon said
"Wh-who ar-are you?" I asked scared for what had become of Kyle.
"Bent it's me… Kyle… I have a LOT of explaining to do so get comfortable." Kyle the dragon said motioning for me to stay calm.
I Curled up and waited for Kyle to start talking; he began saying "I am not human… no one in my family is."
Suddenly I snorted and some flame came out of my mouth. I looked away embarrassed and replied "Please continue then."
Nodding he continued "Bent… we are dragons in disguise… now you just broke a cursed object that my mom had since she was a little hatchling. I think you were changed by that curse."
"No really Captain Obvious to the rescue," I said in a tone that dripped with sarcasm.
Kyle shook his head in an annoyed way and replied "Shut up and listen… you can't go home because if you are revealed; we will be too. There is no way mom and dad are going to let that happen."
I suddenly realized that I was never going to see my family ever again. Then I had an idea "Wait… you can look human so why can't I?"
He sighed and looked at me sympathetically saying "Because of my type of bloodline… we have the special power that no other dragons in the world have. We have the capability to look human."
Just when I was about to argue; the front opened and Kyle's parents walked into the house in their human forms. Kyle's dad was the first to see me and he exclaimed "KYLE WHO IS THAT… WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?!"
Kyle turned and faced his parents and replied "Dad… mom…. What are you doing home early?"
His mother ignored the question and commanded "Kyle… answer us who is that?"
"Guys… Bent got the curse… that statue was finally smashed." He answered his panicking parents.
I was shocked when they just sighed and Kyle's mom said "Hello Bent how are you… not too good I am guessing."
Shrugging I replied "Well… this is kind of awkward… you are dragons then?"
All three of them nodded and Kyle asked "Mom is there a way to undo the curse… I mean we can't just take him away from his family can we?"
She grunted and stated "You two went against our rules and Kyle you knew the reason why we never had friends over here."
I stood up on all fours and said "Okay… so I can't go home; so what am I supposed to do then?"
This time Kyle's dad answered "You will stay with us… welcome to the family Bent."
I then knew that this was going to be the most interesting summer of my life.
Okay here is something new... I just hope that it was worth it. I enjoyed writting this one... but I might continue with a part two... WHAT SAY YOU!?! That means that you have to COMMENT what you think.
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Thank-you but really I am a student for a reason... I have a long ways to go.
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