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May 26, 2012
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                                    A Summer in Scales
                                        Part Two

"Bent get up dude mom and dad want to get going… like right now." A voice said to me through the darkness of the closet that I slept in.
Without even moving or lifting my head I replied groggily "Tell them I will be down… later."
The closet door closed and I stood up; stretching from my head all the way to the end of my tail. M claws dug into the carpeted floor as the feeling of refreshment flowed through me. Kyle, the person who woke me, was downstairs talking to his parents.
"No tell him we have to go NOW Kyle… just because he lost his family doesn't mean he can do whatever he wants!" His mother yelled
These words stung… my family was not dead; I just could not see them because of what I have become. Two months ago my friend Kyle and I had smashed a cursed statue of a dragon. Since he was already a dragon like his parents; I got the curse, which ended up making me a dragon.
Kyle's parents did not want to expose their kind to the world so they took me in… now I have to live with them. They treat me more like a pet than a person, but it is the best I will ever be treated seeing as I am now a beast.
Carefully I opened the door to the small closet and I walked out on all fours. The reason I walk on all fours is not because I am a quadruped; but because it is easier for me to walk. I treaded down the stairs silently and made my way to the kitchen.
From there I sat at the left hand side of the table and waited patiently.  Few minutes later Kyle, his dad, and his mom walked in. "You are lucky you got up… lazy human." His dad spat at me in an annoyed tone.
From the very first day that I was a dragon I learned that Kyle's parents despised human. Even though I looked like a dragon; I was still a human in their eyes. Kyle sat across from me and his father sat at the head of the table.
Clearing his throat he said "As Kyle informed you… since your disappearance, your parents have put up one hell of a search for you. Camilda and I have decided to move back to the caves of the dragons… we tried to live amongst the humans but we have decided that they are too nosy." He said the last part while glaring at me.
I shifted uncomfortably while Camilda, Kyle's mom, made breakfast. Staring back at him I stated "Yeah Kyle told me… you shouldn't be surprised that my parents are looking for me… they are not cold heartless dragons like you two." I instantly regretted saying that.
Kyle's father rose from the table and did the one thing I would never expect. A blinding light consumed him and I was forced to close my eyes. When I reopened them I saw standing in his place a tall silver anthro dragon.
"You inconsiderate, ungrateful, disgusting human… look at what we have done for you. We gave you shelter, food, safety, and sympathy… this is how you thank us; by calling us 'heartless dragons'!?!" He bellowed at me.
In a hurt voice I answered "You call locking me into a closet, and calling me out only for meals and restroom breaks, sympathy?"
He just stood there for a long time then sat down when breakfast was served. I felt tears running down my muzzle as I half-heartily ate my bacon. Sadness was answered with anger; I despised how I was a dragon.
I despised everything about me as I am now… all it caused was pain and I wanted it gone. Without so much as thinking; I raised my claws and swiped down my muzzle. Green draconic blood suddenly erupted from the three long claw marks running down my snout.
Camilda stood quickly and rushed over saying "Damn it… Bent why the hell would you do that!?!"
There was no answer I just stared in shock as the blood continued rushing. Kyle's father continued his meal without even looking at me. Kyle, on the other claw, was frozen in shock; his hand halfway to his mouth holding a slice of orange.
Paper towels were applied to my wounds and I held them there. I expected Camilda to get more medical supplies but oddly she just sat down at the foot of the table glaring at me.
"Bent… dude… what has gotten into you; why would you hurt yourself like that?" Kyle asked with his eyes wide open.
I did not have a good answer so I stated "I… am sick of this… I lost everything and you don't even want me here."
Camilda answered before Kyle could and she said "Bent… don't think we do not want you here… we do and truth be told we have a question to ask you when we get to our caves."
Noticing that I had stopped gushing blood I removed the paper towels. I was shocked to find that my wound had completely healed in that short amount of time. Dragons must heal a lot faster then I first realized.
Still staring at me with interest; Camilda chewed on some bacon. I looked away trying to avoid her soul-piercing eyes. Kyle had returned to his breakfast although he would look up in concern at me every once in a while.
Quickly I finished my breakfast and dropped back to the floor in my quadruped stance. Kyle's father snorted and said "Look at you… you just love acting like us."
The anger I had felt before came rushing back but it quickly subsided when I remembered how it turned out last time. In response I growled a little under my breath and walked away.
Looking around confirmed that it was time to go; everything had been moved into boxes and those were already waiting outside. Since I am not allowed around any of the windows in fear that I might be seen, I had to ask Kyle what vehicle we were using to load everything away in.
Turning to me he replied "Bent… we are taking a standard moving van… but we are dumping everything in it. We don't need any of this stuff in the caves… I mean we are dragons so none of it is necessary."
I nodded and sat down like a dog; Kyle's mom and dad walked into the room ready to go. "Bent we are going to roll you up into a blanket and then put you into the van." Camilda stated in a plain voice.
"Okay," I lamely said in return.
Together they rolled me into a soft blanket and I sat still, waiting for this to be over. Once they were satisfied that I was completely hidden; they lifted me up and carried me to the truck. The sound of the back door, on the moving truck, opening instantly caught my attention.
I was not going to be allowed to ride in the cab with Kyle and his family. Instead I was going to be, once again, treated like a filthy animal. Not even bothering to set me down gently; I was dropped onto my right wing and yelped in pain.
"Shut up you idiot do you want to attract attention!?!" Kyle's father hissed at me angrily.
My mouth was sealed after that; then they started to load the boxes into the back with me. One perk of being hidden in the back was, I did not have to help load the boxes from the house to the moving truck.
Once the door was pulled back down; I unwrapped myself from the blanket and waited. After what felt like three hours of constant driving, the roads became bumpy and obviously unpaved. Another hour or two went by and I could feel the truck decelerate.
Pulling off to the side of the road we were on I heard the doors open and people walk to the back door of the truck. Suddenly bright light filled the small box that I resided in; making it so I was instantly blinded.
When I opened my eyes I saw Camilda and Kyle waiting for me. "Why did we stop here… where is here?" I asked feeling lost.
Camilda cleared her throat and replied "Welcome to Glacier National Park… this is going to be our new home."
"Wait… isn't Glacier in… MONTANA!!!... How am I supposed to go home now!?! This place is far away from California!" I exclaimed in shock that I was so far away from home.
Kyle looked at me and in a strong voice said "Bent… get it through your thick skull… home is with us now."
His words hurt but they were the truth and I had to accept that. Sucking up my mixed emotions I hopped out of the truck onto two feet, it is about time I start walking like this, and I stood over Camilda and Kyle.
I looked at where we were parked and gasped; we were parked on a cliff. The scenery was beautiful; it looked as if the valley below was an endless forest of trees. The mountain air refreshed my senses; plus the sound of running water also could be heard not far away.
The sky was a beautiful blue with very few clouds; I wiggled my toes into the dirt road. Instincts stated to kick in and I was happy to be in nature for it was my true home. "Kyle take Bent away to the cave… your father and I need to get this done." Camilda ordered Kyle.
Nodding Kyle shifted into his anthro form of dragon and grabbed me by the shoulder. We turned and started to walk up the steep side of the mountain; the caves were hidden from human eyes.
Camilda was hidden from view as we went deeper into the densely tree packed mountain side. Out of nowhere it seemed, a cave emerged; from the way it was positioned, it was perfectly hidden and there was no way for humans to get into it.
We strolled in and were greeted by a nicely furnished home rather than a dank cave. There were couches, a kitchen, individual rooms, beds, bathroom, and anything else a modern house had.
"Whoa… how do you guys get electricity to run the TV and stuff?" I quizzed Kyle
He smiled and answered "It's not electricity that runs our appliances… humans are primitive in their sources of energy… our energy is clean and never runs out."
I was amazed that humans still didn't know this secret to the perfect energy but Kyle would not tell me what the secret was. I gave up on the energy subject and asked instead "What did your mom mean when she said 'your father and I need to get this done'?"
Sighing he looked away; after a long pause he said "Bent… wouldn't it be weird if my family just disappeared after you did?"
Nodding I replied "yeah… so?"
"So… we have to fake our deaths… right now they are making it look like our truck ran off the side of the cliff and we died." He finally broke out.
Heavy with more mixed emotions I threw myself down on the couch. I was making everything complicated in life and it seemed nothing good was going to come out of this.
Just then one purple and white quadruped dragoness and Kyle's father in his dragon form entered the cave. I looked at the dragoness and instantly I could tell who she was. "Camilda… who wants to break the news to this filthy human?" Kyle's father asked in a heated tone looking at me.
The purple dragoness replied "He is not human Soritho… not anymore; so stop treating him like an animal."
Soritho stopped staring at me and turned to Camilda with his jaw dropped "You want me to treat him like one of us!?!"
"No… I want you to say hello to your new adopted son… and treat him as if he were your own." She said in a commanding tone.
My mouth followed Soritho's example and fell open. Quickly I regained my stature and so did Soritho. I paused then stared at her saying "I… am going to be adopted… by you?"
Smiling she nodded and walked over to me. "You have been treated unfairly by us… but we were just testing you seeing how far you could be pushed. I realized we went to far when you attacked yourself this morning."
I felt tears coming to my eyes and Camilda wrapped her wings around me. Her tail wrapped around my legs and she held me in a loving mother's embrace.
"Would you stay with us Bent… please I really am truly sorry this misfortune has been forced upon you." She begged of me
Tears freely came now and I answered "Yes… mother I would like to stay."
Okay finally here it is something that I may actually say I think I did rather decent on. Part two was very interesting and I almost turned this into a series... but heck I have too many as we speak. Hope you liked this again I leave you with a cliff hanging ending. What happens to him, where will he go from here, and so many other questions you will be asking after you read this one. Well he has a family and what happens to him now is up to you guys in your own mind for this is the last part of this story. Thank-you all for reading I truly enjoyed this story it was fun to write.
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shadow-gryphon Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Me personally would have went for the throat and not the muzzle. Great story by the way.
Tremea Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Student Writer
Ahhh fellow Assassin's Creed Fan... I tend to go more so for pain, rather than instant death. Suffer for the things you have done to me. Thanks for the watch ^.-.^
shadow-gryphon Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I see... hmmmm. your welcome
Ealdeth Featured By Owner May 26, 2012
Very nice story
Tremea Featured By Owner May 26, 2012  Student Writer
Thank-you that is always nice to hear about my work.
Ealdeth Featured By Owner May 26, 2012
Your welcome :)
SassyDragon18 Featured By Owner May 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I like it. I just wish you would continue it. But you said need work on your other stories then work on your other stories.
Tremea Featured By Owner May 26, 2012  Student Writer
I might continue it one day but right now ADI needs me and that will require some attention... but it is summer vacation and I will be off out of school for three months I will more than likely continue it some time this vacation.
RuCarNutz Featured By Owner May 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Holy moly... Amazing, nothing short of it. I'm at a loss for words.
Tremea Featured By Owner May 26, 2012  Student Writer
I have made my mind up I am now signed up for sophomore year of English and I am to be a writer. That is why I am so upset with the way that I write I need to get better. Thank-you for reading it RU.
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