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May 22, 2012
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                                     Amulet-ed Love

Atom dashed through the forest holding his bleeding and injured right thigh. Crashing noises came behind him signaling that the beast was drawing nearer than what he originally suspected.
"Oh why did I have to steal that amulet from the griffin in the first place!" Cried Atom in vain
Poison from the wound started to take affect on him now that his heart rate had picked up. The trees were getting closer and closer the farther in he ran; this made it so the griffin had to slow down and go around more obstacles.
Growing dizzier and sicker from the venom Atom knew he was going to die. Collapsing in a huff onto the ground he finally watched as the griffin drew closer. It stood tall and proud; covered in orange fur and feathers.
Everything was blurry and distorted now, making it so Atom could not see much. He could tell though that the griffin had stopped and paused almost ten feet away. It suddenly squawked in fear and ran away; off into the isolated forest.
Whatever scared the griffin was now close by and Atom wouldn't be able to do a thing about it. Before passing out, Atom tried to see what was coming for him but it was too late because all he heard was a stick snap, then he had passed out.
He didn't dream or feel anything as he slept. The next thing he came to notice was the feeling of soft fur blankets and a warming fire. These he greatly welcomed and he snuggled up into the furs.
Smiling in contentment Atom soon remembered the griffin and how he had passed out. Quietly he lifted his head to find out where he was and saw he was in what appeared to be a cave. Then he became aware of another presence… turning his head he came face to face with the worlds most feared creature.
A dragon; it was asleep and lay close to him blocking the exit so he couldn't escape. Trapped and no one to help him… again Atom felt like he was going to die. How was he in here though… and who started the fire to keep him warm?
These questions confused Atom but he did not meditate on them for long. Suddenly without warning Atom sneezed. The dragon's eyes burst open and looked into Atom's soul it seemed. Its watery blue scales glistened from the light originating from the fire.
In a soothing female voice it cooed "Don't be frightened… I won't hurt you."
This did nothing to calm poor Atom because he had heard tales that dragons will deceive you. He simply shook with fear of being ate alive by such a beast. Then the dragoness surprised him by asking "What is your name?"
It took all of his courage to speak his name; but he managed it in a weak voice "A-Atom."
The answer seemed to please her because she giggled and replied "Please… Atom… don't fear me; I mean no harm."
She scooted closer and nuzzled him gently. Atom froze in fright but relaxed and said "Who brought me here… and is my leg… healed?"
He rubbed his completely healed thigh in amazement. She giggled again and stated "It was I who brought you here… and it was also me who healed your leg… I am surprised it only took two weeks though."
"WAIT!!! I have been asleep for TWO WEEKS!?!" He exclaimed in shock.
Gently again she nuzzled his chest saying "Please stay calm… I have fed you and housed you so you would heal properly."
Atom was taken aback by the dragoness's hospitality but something was bothering him now. "Why… what have I done to deserve such kindness from you?" he quizzed her.
"In truth… I am quite lonely… so I thought if I healed you then you would… stay with me for a little while?" She replied sheepishly and blushed; her scales on her cheeks turning a darker blue.
He stared at her for a bit then said "I don't even know your name yet… but you know mine."
She gasped and told him "My name is Sassy… I can't believe I forgot my manners… I am getting so forgetful in my excitement."
The fire crackled happily next to them during the long silence that followed her comment. Sassy smiled as Atom gazed into her golden eyes; he thought long and hard about what he was going to do then he said "Sassy… I will stay with you for as long as I can."
Out of shear joy of having a new friend she curled around him and they looked out of the cave's exit at the starry night sky together. Sassy was the first to fall asleep and Atom snuggled into her stomach; still looking at the horizon he pulled out the amulet, that he stole from the griffin, out of his pocket.
Stroking the shining ruby, set in the gold medallion, he whispered "I wish there was some way I could repay Sassy for everything she has done for me."
Suddenly an intense heat radiated from the medallion and scorched Atom's hand. Instantly he dropped it and started to rub his hand; while doing so, he became dizzy and tired much like the time he had been ill with the griffin's venom.
This sensation caused the same reaction leading up to Atom passing out. "Atom… is that you… wake up… wake up please." Sassy's voice said to him.
He opened his eyes and instantly remembered the amulet. "What happened… where's the amulet… why are you… smaller?" he asked noticing that the cave seemed to have shrunk.
"I didn't shrink… you grew… and changed… I SWEAR I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS!!!" She burst out and started to cry.
Atom looked down and his heart skipped a beat… he saw that he was covered in red scales, scrutes, had wings, a tail, and… A MUZZLE!?! "Oh my… I'm a… a… d-dragon." He whispered in disbelief.
Sassy was bawling now thinking that Atom was going to blame her for the changes. Only Atom knew it was his fault for wishing that he could help her while holding the powerful ancient amulet of Desires.
For it held the power to carry out a wish… but it always had a side effect. This time it meant that Atom was to be a dragon like Sassy. He could not stand to see her mourn for his lost humanity. So to silence her weeping he wrapped his two front legs, tail, and wings around her in a loving embrace.
"Sassy it was my fault not yours… I do not blame you for what happened." He soothing explained to her.
She snuggled into his neck and wiped away her tears asking "What happened then?"
Five minutes later Sassy and Atom were curled up together; talking about what was going to happen next. "I suppose you wouldn't mind having me around would you Sassy?"
Giggling she replied "I have wanted company like you for a very long time… I would love for you to stay please."
He nodded in appreciation saying "Thank you Sassy… I am sorry for intruding like this but… I am afraid I don't know much about being a dragon… could you perhaps teach me how to survive?"
"I see no other option and I was hoping you would ask that question." She answered him.
This conversation led on far into the night and soon they fell asleep after going out and hunting for deer. Atom turned out to be quite the hunter; Sassy loved running along side Atom.
Days led into months and months merged to years. The two grew closer and closer together until they decided to become mates. They stay at the same cave and go out flying together every night.
Atom forgot about human life and was enthralled with Sassy and she with him. Living happily together forever they stand along side one-another.
Okay here is another request from :iconsassydragon18: and this one is supposed to be a love tf from her character Atom's point of view. I had to rewrite this and I feel that since my computer lost the original that this one is not as good as the first but I hope you all like it.

Sassy is (c) to :iconsassydragon18:

Atom is (c) to :iconsassydragon18:
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