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June 16, 2012
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*BEEEEEEEP* "You have got to be kidding me… they set an alarm… today of all days?" I mumbled still half asleep on the old green couch in my father's living room.
There went my plan for sleeping all day… but they were going to have to deal with Mr. Grumpy-Dragon all day now. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" screamed my little eight year old brother.
My ear fin twitched in pain from the sudden loud noise and I rolled over throwing the pillow over my head. Why did they say it was my birthday anyways? They should now us dragons are hatched not birthed like humans… its hatchday to me. I settled in my new position and attempted to go back to sleep.
This plan however was foiled as my little brother's friend got up and screamed with him "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!"

"Oh god no… it begins… can't I just sleep through this day?" I moaned
They giggled as my little brother played with my tail and jerked on it trying to get me out of bed. I had to get these kids off of me and I had a plan. I growled lowly and said "Forget cake… roasted children sounds good."
Just like I predicted they screamed and ran off to find a place to hide. I wouldn't really eat them but it was noon. I normally sleep till one… today was my "special" day so I was going to sleep it away.

Then I forgot about the kids' backup… dad. "Okay lazy lizard… get up… you are going to get up and celebrate your day." He stated and tore the blankets off me.
Grumbling I rolled off the couch and onto all fours; the kids looked at me from behind a partway opened closet door. I smiled and growled at them; slowly stalking towards them like I was hunting. They screamed again and ran off in different directions; I looked at dad and he just shook his head saying, "You have got to stop doing that… you are going to scar them for life."

"Good, then maybe they will not wake this dragon up when I wish to sleep." I chuckled; dad rolled his eyes and walked off into the kitchen.
My stomach growled and I walked to the kitchen as well. I made a beeline straight to the fridge and opened it. My eyes fell upon a package of bacon and my stomach voiced its opinion. "Okay bacon you are mine… but I am not cooking today sooooooo." I said as I grabbed the package of bacon and ripped it open with my black claws.
"Bottoms up on the hatchday boys," I proceeded and dumped the sweet delicious meat into my maw.

Flavor exploded and I purred as I ate the raw food. "Oh you didn't just do that… how could you do that… gross animal." I turned and saw my dad's fiancé, standing in the kitchen's doorway, glaring at me.
I sighed, trying to hold back some inner feral desire to attack her, saying "Morning you to you too… wow I forgot how wrinkly you humans are without the playdough and makeup."
She squealed and her hands flew to her face in a desperate attempt to flatten out her face. Then she replied "How dare you… you… you animal… GO EAT SOMEONE."

I grinned "Gladly… and it looks like a close target is right here trying to hold her face from falling off because of so many fake plastic surgeries."
Falling to the floor laughing, I watched as she turned on her heel and left the kitchen. "There went the bathroom," I thought to myself. My thought was confirmed as the bathroom door slammed.
She would be in there for hours; trying to fix her mask… it's not October… its June. Still she would win the costume contest without her fake display of powder and other coloring.

I knew, from the minute that dad met her, that she was bad news. Her family had a terrible business… one that put me in danger. They were all Dragonslayers… did dad care though? Heck no; he sees a pretty face and he melted for her.
Well I can promise you, this dragon, will not have this around me… mom still sends me here anyways though. Anyways back to my day… I shut the fridge and trotted outside and lied on the cool damp grass.

The sprinklers sprayed the grass not too long ago and the bright and shining sun radiated down on me. My red scales reflected the light and my yellow scrutes felt the heat. I smiled happy to be me and closed my eyes.

"Morning Draky," a sweet and smooth feminine voice cooed.

I turned my head and saw a light blue, slim, and beautiful water dragoness in front of me. She walked over and lay down beside me; she sunk in close to me and our bodies touched. It was as if she was made to rest to my side; I smiled and nuzzled her.
She giggled and I replied "Morning Granice… what brought you over here?"

Looking at me with sarcastically hurt eyes "Can't I visit my boyfriend on his hatchday?"
Then without warning she nuzzled me back and we sat there with our heads resting on each other's. Her beautiful sapphire eyes still took my breath away whenever I gazed into them. I felt like roaring with joy because at that moment I was complete… this was the greatest gift ever.
The moment, however, was destroyed when the evil dragon-murderer came out and yelled "Your father and I are going out… do we need to put a collar on you; so we can tie you up to a tree?"

Right when I was about to shout a smart back at her; Granice looked at me and smiled. "Draky I didn't know you had a witch in the house… I thought it was supposed to land on TOP of her?" Granice said loudly, making sure dad's fiancé would hear.
"I am under no obligation for not hurting YOU… you ugly winged snake." She retorted to Granice.

That was it… right then I snapped. My feral mind came back… the very one I had fought since I discovered my true mother and family. A blood curdling growl escaped from my throat as I stood and walked over to her.
My muzzle hung inches from her squishy, gross, human face. "You will not talk to her like that… and if you even try to touch her… you will lose everything you ever cared about. I will leave you strapped to a rock as you watch me roast it all."

She stared in fear, unable to speak. Maybe I did go feral… but right then it didn't matter; she threatened the only thing in my life worth living for. I felt Granice wrap a wing around me and our tails intertwined; showing she was with me.
"Yo-you a-are cr-crazy y-you m-m-monster," she stuttered.

I felt my anger spike and I had to fight the inner instinct to rip her throat out. "Drackon… honey… remember you still have me; don't let the feral win… what would I do without you." Granice begged into my ear fin.

My eyes closed and I took some deep breaths. "Get out of here… go out with dad… but if you do this again… I swear." I said calmly… too calmly to the witch.
When my eyes opened she was gone and I sighed with relief that I had avoided an encounter with my feral side. Granice nuzzled my neck and I turned to face her; she smiled and stated "I have a surprise for you."

I grinned and replied "I know you do… you are here with me… you are all I will ever need."
Pride swelled in my heart as I looked at my future mate… she was my soul mate and that is not something to be taken lightly. The connection we had was deeper than any emotion or physical feeling. It went deeper than spiritual too… there are no words invented by humans to begin to describe Granice and I.

Some humans claim to have this connection too but that is a lie. They do not know true love; we get one mate and that means we have a connection. That is not to be lied about… human hearts are too corrupt to know to love. Yet "love" is a human word… so yes they might feel "love" but not what we dragons feel for our mates.
Granice turned and stalked off down the street with me following. I loved this small town… it only had three hundred people; which was perfect for me. Ever since I turned into a dragon, after finding out my true mother was a dragon, humans gossiped too much for my liking.

They fail to understand that, us dragons, are just like humans… the only difference was looks and thought process. I picked up my pace and walked side by side with Granice. "Where are we going anyways?" I asked looking at her as we walked.
By nature she could go Bipedal but when she was around me; she walked on four legs since I was a born quad. Returning my gentle gaze she answered "You will see soon enough."
I chuckled and joked with her "A little mysterious are we?"

She smiled and kept walking until we entered the forest. Instantly I felt relieved to be away from the human pollution; Granice was not affected as bad as I was. She grew up differently than I had. She was raised by dragons that resided in some far distant mountain range.
There was apparently a whole civilization of just dragons there. I couldn't live there on the grounds I was raised by humans and Granice decided to stay with me. While I thought about this, I heard the sound of a waterfall close by. Smiling Granice said "I found this spot awhile back."

I was getting ready to ask her what she meant; but was awestruck as we strolled into a clearing. A waterfall fell into a clear, light blue, pool below; jaw hung open as I stared. "Do you like it…? I find it romantic," she asked.
"Granice I… I love it… romantic; yes it is." I replied
She stalked into the water and looked back at me saying "Are you coming?"
I laughed and said "Yeah I am… happy hatchday to me."
This is my hatchday... I had a good time. Granice made it the best so you should be thanking her for my joy. Thank-you all for the hatchday wishes. Times are getting better for me and I hope my writing is too.
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juju712 Featured By Owner May 21, 2013
progressives descriptions, characters and bonds well presented, real background setting...
wow, an amazing writing!
you could do a complete serie with this.
Tremea Featured By Owner May 22, 2013  Student Writer
Thank-you for the compliment
juju712 Featured By Owner May 23, 2013
you're welcome
Ealdeth Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2012
Nice jub writing it
Tremea Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2012  Student Writer
Thank-you Ealdeth for liking it and reading it.
Ealdeth Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2012
You're welcome, keep writing
Tremea Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2012  Student Writer
Will do... :D
Ealdeth Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2012
Fa6ex Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Happy hatchday! Sorry I just couldn't bring myself to say this without giving you something, so I gave you a :llama: :XD:
Tremea Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2012  Student Writer
Thank you man thats cool
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